Welcome to GHFP.

GHFP is delighted to welcome all our under 6 patients, new and old.

It is really important to register immediately.

Even if you are going to register with another Practice, do it as soon as possible.

Please go to: free under 6 GP care

If you are not registered, you’re not covered.

Urgent Kids Clinic
Don't forget, we have an urgent kids clinic every weekday morning,
from 9.30 to 10.00, with protected time for (at least) one of the 
doctors to see sick kids without appointment.
Please keep this time for urgent matters.
Please try to arrive as close to 9.30 as you can. 
(If you arrive at five to ten, it doesn't give us much time!)


One Response to Welcome to GHFP.

  1. Jonathan Treacy says:


    I am looking for a repeat pescription for inhalers, I had one before but have misplaced it could you please organise another one thank you.



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